CPEC is the Corridor of Unity: Senator Mushahid Hussain

CPEC is the Corridor of Unity: Senator Mushahid Hussain

June 12, 2015

The purpose of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is to ensure that it would pass through all areas of the country, said Senator Mushahid Hussain.Senator Hussain, chairman of the Pakistan Parliament's Defense Committee, in an interview with Chinese media said "CPEC is a corridor of unity, uniting the people of Pakistan, the provinces of Pakistan, all the regions and areas of Pakistan in a quest for prosperity through different projects."Terming the CPEC as the project of connectivity within Pakistan, Senator Hussain, founder and chairman of the Pakistan-China Institute, said all provinces and political parties of Pakistan have given their full support and endorsement to the CPEC, because they know this project will benefit their people and their provinces.Hussain said Gwadar port in Pakistan's southern province of Baluchistan, will create a new situation in the province as well as inPakistan, and a number of projects like road links, industrial parks, power projects, the rail links and fiber optics will directly benefit all people of the country.Elaborating the recently established "parliamentary oversight committee" that will be responsible for monitoring the corridor; Hussain said the committee will try to ensure transparency and participation of local communities so that concrete steps are being taken.Appreciating the efforts made by both Chinese and Pakistani government on the CPEC, the senator said the corridor project will change lives of all Pakistanis for better, which will be the main guarantee for its success.

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