The Security Brief

Vol. 7-Issue No 57

26th April, 2021


The Great Surrender

Sunday 18th April was an ugly day. The activists of banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and police engaged in skirmishes at Chowk Yateemkhana Lahore. Eleven police men, including a DSP, were taken hostage by the TLP activists. Police fired and killed at least three TLP protestors and many more were injured. Mainstream media did not cover the incidents. Social media was abuzz with all sort of news and footage of violence. It created great anxiety and confusion among the public.

By the end of the day, it was learnt that the government was ready to hold talks with the TLP leadership to stop violence. However, the Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed claimed that the government was not negotiating with the outlawed TLP. But very next day the Punjab government and TLP held two rounds of talks. Eleven policemen, who were taken hostage, were released after first round of talks. Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar and Law Minister Raja Basharat represented the government in the second round of talks. Sh Rashid Ahmed joined them in the third and final rounds of talks. The talks revolved around four demands of the TLP:

a) Release of their leader Saad Rizvi; 

b) TLP to be unbanned; 

c) All FIRs against their workers be dropped and those arrested may be released; and

d) A resolution be presented in the parliament to expel the French ambassador. 

It was clear from the agenda of talks and the negotiating team that the Govt was negotiating from the position of weakness. It seemed to be in hurry and showed signs of nervousness to have a successful outcome of talks. In the process it succumbed to pressure and gave up more than required. 

As a result of these negotiations, 700 TLP workers were released, cases of 1500 are under consideration for release but 134 were placed under 4th schedule in Punjab. Similarly, 39 out of 110 workers detained under MPO were released in Islamabad while 104 were granted bail by an ATC court in Peshawar.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that provinces should have been taken into confidence about the federal government holding talks with the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan. The opposition also raised brow over the agreement with extremist outfit without consulting the opposition. It maintained that earlier the government launched crackdown without consulting the opposition which resulted in violence. Then the Govt took a U-turn, entered into negotiations with TLP and presented a resolution in the National Assembly for the expulsion of the French Ambassador to Pakistan.

The opposition declared the Govt’s decision to take TLP Resolution into Parliament to expel the French Ambassador, as disgraceful surrender which would not only initiate a new era of religious extremism in the country but would also cause problems for Pakistan in the international arena. Some myopic PTI supporters were gloating over the so-called tactfulness of the government to have roped in the opposition in the process of expulsion of the French Ambassador through the Parliament. But the opposition has showed little interest in the Resolution, which has brought back the onus and pressure on the government. If the Resolution is delayed or not passed at all, in any case, the government will have to handle the situation. Arrogance does not work in such situations, sincerity does. It was better if the government had engaged the opposition in talks over this very sensitive issue.

TLP was banned in a hurry without fulfilling the legal requirements which would give TLP a strong case to get relief from the court. It would pave the way to fulfil the second demand of TLP to unban it. The government is cowering and has provided the escape route to the violent agitators. This retreat might give a relief to the government and ease the situation for the time being but a stronger TLP and likes would emerge and create problems in the future. It should be kept in mind that terrorism emanates from the ocean of extremism.  



Special Report 

Quetta Bomb Blast

A deadly bomb blast took place in the parking of the Serena hotel Quetta (21st April). At least 5 people were killed and 12 others were injured. Tehreek- e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed the responsibility for this attack. 

 It’s a serious security lapse and intelligence failure as the terrorists struck in the heart of city. How could the terrorists beat the two rings of security and conveniently enter a fortified area especially inside the only 5-star hotel of the city? If the Chinese Ambassador was around, there should have been a high alert which means three layered security. The onus is also on the hotel security because there was no canine unit to sniff high explosive. It is an unpardonable lapse on the part of the hotel management. An inquiry should be initiated to pin point the lapses in the security. 

Despite a number of terrorist attacks in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan no strategy was in place to counter it effectively. Sadly, a national counter-terrorism strategy has always been missing. National Action Plan (NAP) has been shelved. National Internal Security Policy is lying lifeless in the files of NACTA. 

Balochistan is in the grip of terrorist activities since long. In recent months there has been considerable up- stick in the terrorist activities across the province which is evident from the table given below.

Sr. NoIncidents from Jan to April 2021KilledInjuredArrested
  Eleven mine workers, belonging to Hazara community, were kidnapped and gunned down in Muchh town, 70 KMs away from Quetta (2nd Jan). The slain workers were blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. Islamic State (IS) reportedly claimed the responsibility.11–-
 Five persons were injured in an explosion at the Cinema Bazar un Turbat, Kech District (10th January).05
 Unidentified terrorist damaged three vehicles and windows by throwing hand grenade on the tehsil office building in Chaman, near to the border with Afghanistan (11th January).
 Two persons including a Levies Force officer and his nephew were shot dead and another injured by unidentified gunmen in Sui town of Dera Bugti District (12th January).   0201
 Two dead bodies were recovered from different locations by LEAs. (13th January).      02
 Four peoples were injured due to the blast of an IED, planted in a dustbin at Sariab road Quetta (16th January).   04
 The police recovered hand grenade from two suspected motorcyclist during a routine search on a road in Quetta (18th January).
 A mutilated body of a missing youth identified as Allah Dad r/o Kalag-Mindo was found by Levies Force, near the Sorn area of Chagai District (19th January).01
 Two motorcyclists namely Muhammad Akhtar and Abdul Sattar were shot dead by unidentified armed persons near Kach Bridge in Nasirabad District (19th January).02
 CTD recovered a heavy cache of arms and ammunition including 08 mortars, two fuses and explosive material from suspected hideouts of the terrorists from Sangan area of Sibi District (20th January).
 CTD and Kalat police arrested a suspected terrorist Mir Muhammad and recovered 01 AK-47 and 02 TT pistols and a telescope from his possession in Girani area of Kalat District (22nd January).01
 Two FC soldiers-Lance Naik Qismat Ullah and Shareef Ullah were injured in a grenade attack hurled on them by unidentified terrorist in Sangani area of Turbat town in Kech District (23rd January).02
 The dead body of a student of Turbat University-Asad Muneer, belonging to Tusp area of Panjgur District was recovered from a dam by the Levies. He had gone for picnic along with his friends but did not return home. A bullet was found in his body (26th January).01
 A former militant leader of a banned outfit Mirza son of Bakhtiar Khan was shot dead by unidentified persons in Gaddagi village, Balgater area of Kech District. The deceased had recently surrendered to the security forces after abandoning his armed struggle against the Government (26th January)01
 CTD on a tip-off recovered ten hand grenades from two persons travelling by a passenger van going to Khuzdar from Quetta (27th January).
 Levies forces on a tipoff, recovered heavy cache of arms and ammunition, buried underground in a house in Taftan. The cache comprised hand grenades, suicide jackets, rocket launcher, rifle rounds, remote control fuses, satellite phone and foreign sims. An Iranian citizen namely Farsheed was also arrested for further investigation (29th January).01
 The LEAs recovered the bullet-riddled bodies of a man Saleh Muhammad and his son Raza Shah r/o Sari Kahan near Turbat town from the seasonal river Gorak in the Buleda road area of Kech District. They were earlier kidnapped by unidentified persons on gunpoint (31st January).02
 The security forces conducted a tip-off raid at the hideout of armed terrorists in Buleda area of Kech District. It led to the killing of a high value terrorist, responsible for killing of innocent civilians, extortion and attacking security forces. A soldier was also injured in exchange of firing between the two sides. A large cache of arms and ammunition was recovered from the hideout of the terrorists (January).02
 Two people were killed and four others injured in a bomb blast near the DC office, Quetta. According to DC Quetta, the blast was targeted at a Kashmir solidarity day rally that was passing from the area (05th February). 02
 Twenty-four people were injured in a grenade attack by the unidentified motorcyclists at Luni Chowk, Sibi. Meanwhile, the outlawed Baloch Republican Army (BRA) has reportedly claimed the responsibility for attacking Kashmir solidarity rally (05th February).24
 A woman named Kamal Khatoon was killed and two teenage girls injured in a blast of IED planted by unidentified terrorists in Lehri tehsil of Sibi District (07th February). 0102
 One Hafiz Abdul Karim who was a brother of two police officers was gunned down by unidentified persons in satellite town, Turbat city of Kech District. The deceased was reportedly going home after attending the Kashmir solidarity day function in Turbat (07th February).  01
 Three labourers, Wasim Ali, Shah Nawaz, Tours Aka Sunil Kumar were shot dead and another Ali Raza was injured by the unidentified terrorists on in the Killi Khurasani, Mangochar town of Kalat District. All the victims reportedly belonged to Sadiqabad area in Rahimyar Khan district of Punjab (08th February).0301
 A suspected terrorist named Zaman was arrested by the security forces from a house in Sariab Road, Quetta, involved in various terrorist activities including targeted killings, bomb blasts and attacks on security forces. He reportedly returned from Afghanistan a few days ago (08th February).01
  A solider named Asad Mehdi was killed in an attack by unidentified terrorists on the Hosab outpost, setup by FC for the safety of N-85 highway in Kech District. Outlawed Baloch separatists’ groups are being suspected for the same (14th February).01
 Two persons Liaqat and Abdul Waheed Jattak were killed by unidentified gunmen in separate incidents near Chakar Azam area in Panjgur and Jhal Magsi Districts  (15th February).02
 One FC soldier was reportedly killed and two others injured in a remote controlled IED explosion, planted by unidentified terrorists in a motorcycle, parked at the roadside in Western bypass area in Quetta. The FC vehicle was targeted which was passing the site of occurrence (18th February).0102
 Four FC soldiers were reportedly killed and another injured in an attack by unidentified terrorists on Zaman Khan check-post in Kahan area of Kohlu district (18th February).0401
 Two persons Gulam Murtaza and Sawan Khan were shot and injured by unidentified attackers in Gandhara area Jhal Maqsi District (22nd February).02
 Two persons-Mahmudullah and another were killed by unidentified persons in separate incidents in Sariab road and Nawaqili area of Quetta (04th March).02
 Five labourers, belonging to Punjab, were killed and two security personnel injured when their vehicle hit a road side IED planted by unidentified terrorists in Tandoori area of Sibi District (05th March).05
 Two Pakistan Navy sailors, Sohail and Nouman were killed while another was injured in an attack on their vehicle by unidentified armed terrorists in the Ganz area of the Gwadar coastal District (06th March).  0201
 CTD conducted a raid on the hide out of terrorists and during the exchange of fire five suspected terrorists were killed in Splinji of Mastung District (08th March).05
 One Darya Khan Lehri, a former member of Balochistan Awami Party was shot dead by unidentified armed persons on cadet college link road area in Mastung District (08th March).01
 CTD Balochistan, arrested two suspected terrorists Syed Awais Shah and Jahanzeb Baloch who are associated with Baloch Liberation Army (BLA,) from the Sariab Link road, Quetta (12th March).         02
 Three minor children- Hussain Ullah, Zain Ullah and Aksa were brutely killed while 07 years old Kashmala seriously injured, by unidentified assailants in their house in the New Sariab Road area of Quetta. Their father Atta Ullah is a Government employee of Education Department while mother runs a beauty parlour in the city (15th March).0301
 Unidentified terrorists hurled a grenade at a vehicle of a security forces patrolling the Absar road area, Turbat town of Kech District. However, the device exploded near a medical store causing injuries to five passersby (20th March).   05
 Three people were killed and 13 others injured including a police man and some Levies personnel due to a IED blast, attached with a motorcycle, in front of Levies lines in Chaman. TTP reportedly took responsibility of the said attack (23rd March).      0313
 Three perons, named Javed, Haseeb Noor and Irshad were reportedly injured in a firing attack by unidentified persons from across the Pakistani border with Iran, in Panjgur District (24th March). 03
 Two Levies Force personnel named Safdar and Gulsher were injured in a hand-grenade attack by unidentified terrorists on the Levies Lines in Kharan District (04th April).02
 CTD raided the hideout of terrorists, one person identified as Haleem was killed, four arrested while three escaped during exchange of firing between the two sides at the Gori area in Bukhtiarabad tehsil of Sibi District. The CTD also recovered two AK-47 rifles, weapons explosives from the terrorist hideout (05th April).0104
 A FC person was injured in hand grenade attack by unidentified terrorists on a check post under a bridge linking Sariab road to Quetta (05th April).01
 12 people were injured in an explosion during a football match at a ground in Allahabad town located in Balochistan’s industrial town of Hub (13th April).12
  Four suspected terrorists identified as Akram Zehri, Ahmadullah, Sikandar and Shadi Khan were killed by the CTD during an exchange of fire between the two sides in Bolan District (13th April).04
 Three persons were injured in a grenade attack by unidentified terrorist near a security checkpoint in industrial town of Hub (15th April). 03

Out of these 45 incidents, at least eight (8) took place in Quetta, and mostly on Sariab Road. It shows persistent and determined presence of terrorists in the vicinity of Quetta.  Sariab Road is a few minutes’ drive away from Zarghoon Road, where Serena Hotel is located. The threat was quite palpable but adequate measures were not taken to secure the area.

The terrorist threat was persisting for quite some time. On October 16,2020, seven soldiers of Frontier Corps (FC) Balochistan and seven security guards were martyred in an ‘encounter’ with a “large number of terrorists” while escorting a convoy of state-run Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL) on the Makran Coastal Highway in Ormara. The convoy was on its way to Karachi from Gwadar when it came under attack.

In August last year, at least eight people, including police and FC personnel, were injured in a blast in Hub.

In April 2019, at least 14 people, including 11 personnel of Navy, Air Force and Coast Guards, were killed by gunmen after they were picked out with the help of their computerised national identity cards (CNICs) and offloaded from seven buses in the Buzi Pass area near Ormara.

There is a need to devise a new counter terrorism strategy for Balochistan and implement it in letter and spirit to control the incidents of terrorism.


Sr. NoIncidentKilledInjuredArrested
1.The police arrested an alleged terrorist, Usman Ghani, belonging to TTP Bajouri group in Malir, Karachi (19th April). He went to Afghanistan in 2019 and got training in weapon and explosive from TTP commander Qari Obaidullah.  He is also accused in attack on LEA in Charmang in which a soldier was killed.01
2.CTD and Pakistan Rangers in a joint operation arrested five alleged TTP terrorists including two suicide bombers-Sheraz Akbar, Meer Wais, Liaquat, Muhammad Amir and Nigar Ali from Jamshoro (19th April). The accused persons were reportedly involved in six terrorist attacks in the country and were planning more to target suicide attack on police and security forces personnel in Karachi.05
3.CTD and police arrested a suspected terrorist of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) Asif Brohi @ Abdullah in Saeedabad, Northern Highway, Karachi for his alleged involvement in facilitating a number of terrorist attacks including killing several people and collection of Rs.56.7 million as extortion money from the businessmen of Balochistan and Sindh for fund raising for his outfit, during the last 10-years (20th April).01

Comments & Analysis: – TTP’s presence in Karachi is palpable. Being a mammoth metropolis, miscreants find it suitable to assimilate in the large population and make money through illegal means. Recently there were indicators of TTP and BLA having contacts with proscribed Sindhu Desh Army. They should not be allowed to join hands at any level. A cogent strategy should be in place, involving multi-agency endeavors, to bridle these proscribed terrorist groups.

Why did it take ten years to apprehend the BLA militant Asif Brohi? During this period, he not only committed criminal and militant activities in Balochistan, he was also wanted in multiple cases of murders, extortion and kidnapping for ransom in Karachi.


Sr. NoIncidentKilledInjuredArrested
 An Afghan national Naik Muhammad was shot dead and two others injured by unidentified armed motorcyclists on Kohat road, Peshawar (19th April).0102
 Unidentified persons hurled explosive into a house in Marina Colony, Faqeerabad, Peshawar. Police and BDS team reached the scene. No loss of human life and property was reported (22nd April).
 Unidentified masked motorcyclists killed five persons in separate incidents in North Waziristan District, including a tribal elder Malik Muhammad Ayaz in Tippi village near Miramshah, Syed Ghaffar in Haider Khel village, near Mirali, Raja Muhammad in Tippi Khel area, a tribal elder Malik Sahib Khan in Manzar Khel area and Ghulam Rasool in Banda village, respectively (22nd and 23rd April).05
 CTD and police in a joint operation arrested four terrorists including one Tariq from their hideout in the mountain area of Lakki Marwat District. They were affiliated with TTP Shah Hassan group of North Waziristan and wanted in number of cases of terrorism and target killings (23rd April).04

Comments & Analysis: – It is learnt that 16 persons have been killed in North Waziristan tribal District since January this year.


Sr. NoIncidentKilledInjuredArrested
 An unidentified gunman shot at and injured senior journalist and former chairman PEMRA Absar Alam at F-11/2 Park, Islamabad where he had gone for a routine walk. The assailant managed to escape while the injured journalist was moved to a local hospital where his condition is stable. The police registered case FIR and started investigations (20th April).0101

Comments & Analysis: – A number of politicians including PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and PML/N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, and journalists` bodies condemned the attack and asked the government to arrest the culprits. The Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry directed the Islamabad police for immediate arrest of the culprits. (Further details and comments are given in the ‘National’ section.)


Sr. NoIncidentKilledInjuredArrested
1.A powerful bomb went off in Serena Hotel, Quetta in which 5 persons were killed and 12 others were injured. The explosive was fitted in a vehicle. It caused serious damage to other vehicles parked in the parking area of the hotel.  (Details given in ‘National Section’)   
1.One Uzair Baloch was shot dead by unidentified assailants in ShezKam area in Kech District (19th April).01

Comments & Analysis: – Balochistan is facing terrorism perpetrated by the separatists, insurgents and sectarian elements. Serena Hotel blast is a gruesome incident which exposes the ineptness of the LEAs and intelligence agencies.


Attack on the Former Chairman PEMRA

Absar Alam after the attack

Senior journalist and ex-chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Absar Alam Haider was shot outside his home (20th April). The unknown assailants made good their escape. He was rushed to nearby hospital where he was operated on for the bullet injury in his abdomen. He was declared out of danger and was recovering.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid ordered the Islamabad IG to investigate. He directed that those involved in the firing should be arrested as soon as possible. In a tweet, Islamabad Police said the capital police chief had constituted a special team under the command of SSP investigation to investigate the attack on Alam “from all aspects”. “The team has been directed to use all scientific and forensic methods to trace the accused involved in the incident,” it added.

All quarters condemned the attack on Absar and prayed early recovery. Maryam Nawaz tweeted: ‘Silencing the voice of dissent is a cancer that has plagued this country for many years. Absar Alam Sahab is the latest victim of this cruel & barbaric crime. May Allah SWT heal his wounds and the wounds of this country. Ameen.’
Comments & Analysis:  The New York Times stated that a veteran Pakistani journalist who has been critical of the country’s powerful military establishment was shot near his home on Tuesday but survived, officials said. The shooting sent a chill through Pakistan’s journalist community, which has come under withering pressure from the military and its allies in the nation’s governing party.

Many journalists have been arrested, abducted, attacked, tortured and killed during the last two years.

The previous record of police investigation in such cases is not enviable. Police couldn’t make tangible progress in the kidnapping case of well-known journalist Matiullah Jan who was forcibly picked up from the heart of Islamabad in broad day light. He returned home after twelve hours as the hosts preferred to release him due to lot of hue and cry by the national and international media.

At least ten journalists were murdered and several others threatened, kidnapped, tortured and arrested in Pakistan on trumped-up charges while discharging their professional responsibilities in 2020 alone, according to the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors’ (CPNE) Media Freedom Report 2020.

Four drivers die of starvation in Makran

Four truck drivers reportedly died in border areas of Makran division where they were stranded along with scores of others. They were among number of other drivers who loaded their vehicles with Iranian petrol and diesel were stuck up in the border areas when authorities stopped them from moving ahead after they crossed into Pakistan from Iran (19th April).

Comments & Analysis: – This incident speaks volumes of apathy of the local administration that should have ensured provision of food and water to the stranded drivers and other people. According to sources, Pakistani authorities closed the border with Iran at Gwadar, Turbat and Panjgur about a month ago and stopped the vehicles which had crossed into Pakistan from Iran at the FC check-posts. Consequently, the drivers and other people in these stranded vehicles were facing starvation. Hundreds of people belonging to different walks of life held a rally in Gwadar in protest against suspension of trade activities at the Pak-Iran border and threatened to close national highways in Makran, if their demands were not accepted by April 23rd.

Over 200 Pakistanis deported from Iran

Another 200 Pakistanis were deported to Pakistan by Iran as they were reportedly arrested in different parts of Iran for not possessing valid travel documents and handed over to the Levies Force at Taftan checkpost in Chagai District (19th April).

Comments & Analysis: – It is learnt that the deported Pakistanis were trying to reach Turkey and European countries in search of better job opportunities after illegally entering Iran. They included 130 people from Punjab, 33 from KPK, 24 from Balochistan, 15 from Azad Kashmir and one from Sindh. FIA took them into custody for interrogation.


End to Countrywide TLP protest after agreement with government

The proscribed Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) ended its to countrywide anti-France protests after entering into an agreement with the government. TLP had been demanding to expel the French Ambassador as per the agreement signed with the government. A number of casualties of police and TLP workers took place including four police personnel, 800 wounded and large number of arrests of TLP workers during week-long clashes (20th April).

Comments & Analysis: – The government remained ambivalent and conceded concessions during negotiations which would further embolden TLP and the likes in the times to come.


Chinese Ambassador’s Visit to Peshawar & Quetta

Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong

The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong paid a two-day visit to Peshawar. He met the CM KPK, Mahmood Khan and other senior officials and discussed issues of mutual interest between the two countries particularly the CPEC projects which are nearing completion especially in the energy sector. He also signed an agreement with the KPK government for reconstruction of 26 girls and boys’ schools damaged during the militancy days in Bara tehsil of Khyber tribal District by providing an amount of 10.28 million dollars.  (19th-20th April).

The Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong accompanied by a delegation comprising Chinese investors and companies’ representatives visited Quetta and called on CM Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Alayani. He vowed to work for early completion of development projects initiated under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in the port city of Gwadar. The CM desired to seek China’s cooperation in the field of minerals, fisheries, agriculture, livestock and setting-up technical infrastructure and training centers in the Province. Further said that early completion of the Gwadar International Airport would usher in a new era of development in the region and it would also help in attracting foreign investment in Gwadar. Mr. Rong revealed that a 150-bed hospital was being built by China at Gwadar port, while construction of a road from the port to Gwadar city had been completed (21st April).

Comments & Analysis: – The Chinese Ambassador has been visiting various Provinces of Pakistan to strengthen Pak-China friendship, reviewing the progress of CPEC projects and explore scope of more investment by the Chinese businessmen. The visit to Balochistan carried significance due to the existence of Gwadar port there. The banned outfits BLA alongwith allied groups, TTP and IS/ISKP with their safe sanctuaries in Afghanistan have been hitting security forces and civilian/economic targets elsewhere in Pakistan including Balochistan to destabilize Pakistan and undermine CPEC in the context of geo-strategic and economic tussle between the super powers with the assistance of India and Afghanistan. The latest act of terrorism in Quetta was a part of the said background. China strongly condemned the terrorist attack.

CRIME/LAW & ORDER- At a Glance

  1. One Abdullah Machi, who had been kidnapped six days ago from Thul Town, Jacobabad, was killed by unidentified persons in Jhal Magsi area in Balochistan. Police suspected it to be the result of old enmity (19th April).
  2. FIA arrested a teacher of the Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) and two others on charges of blackmailing and harassing a female student. She alleged in her complaint that her teacher, a lecturer, with the help of a student and her ex-husband shared some ‘objectionable’ material containing fake photos on social media through internet to defame her (19th April).
  3. One Syed Badshah was shot dead and his minor son injured by their relatives over a petty issue in Sherikhel village. In another incident, the police recovered body of a man (identity not known) from a Canal near Kotka Alam Khan village of Naurang town in Lakki Marwat District, the same day (19th April).
  4. The police arrested Raja Tahir Mehmood head of Rehmania Madrasa, Haripur for torturing a 10-year-old student, Muneeb-ur-Rehman as a punishment, and fractured his right arm (19th April).
  5. Police arrested four person Abubakar, Saffyan, Shera and Allah Yar for allegedly torturing a mentally challenged man named Mohsin Malang In Tandlianwala, Faisalabad District (20th April).
  6. The Police Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) arrested six motorcycle thieves identified as Rana Niaz Ashiq Ali, Tahir Shakro, Danish, Haider Ali and Ali Anwar and recovered seven stolen motorcycles from their possession in Karachi (20th April).
  7. A man namely Muzammil Baloch was shot dead by unidentified armed motorcyclists in Sangasar area of district Kech Balochistan (21st April).
  8. Five robbers wearing police uniform in a motor car displaying blue hooter light looted Rs/- 108 million cash and three mobile phones on gunpoint from four persons including Imtiaz near Jamal Mor in Dera Ismail Khan. The robbers decamped with the looted stuff (22nd April).
  9. One Jameel reportedly a police informer was killed during a raid by the police on the hideout of some suspects in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad (23rd April).

Crime Details 19/04/2021 to 25/04/2021

Murders(Sahiwal-1, Lahore-3, Muzaffargarh-1, Okara-1, Gujar Khan-4, Attock-4, Kasur-1, Shah Kot-1, Lari Ada-2, Kahna-1, Sheikhupua-1, Harbanspura-1, Taxila-1, Lahore (Tibbi city)-1, Rawalpindi-1, Multan-1) = 25(Swabi-1, Mansehra-2, Lakki Marwat-2, Kohat-8, Peshawar-7, Mansehra-1, North Waziristan-1, Lakki Marwat-1, Mansehra-2, Nowshera-8, Chitral-1, Shangla-1, Lakki Marwat-3, Peshawar-1, Mohmand-1, Mansehra-5, North Waziristan-2, Karachi (Baloch Colony) -1, Swabi-2, Mansehra-3, North Waziristan-2) = 55(Sukkur-1, Badin-1, Karachi-2, Sukkur-2, Sukkur-2, Vehari-2, Sukkur (Kandhkot)-2, Karachi (Baldia Town)-1, Sukkur-2, Karachi-1, Vehari-1) = 16(Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1) = 05(Gwadar-4, Khuzdar-2) = 06104
Gang rape(Lahore (Shahdara)-1) = 0101
Robberies/ Dacoits(Raiwand-1, Kahna-1, Ichara-1, Gwalmandi-1, Shalimar-1, Township-1, Satukatla-1, Shadbag-1, Johar Town-1, Gulshan Ravi-1, Nawab Town-1, Toba Tek Singh-1) = 12(Karachi (Baldia Town)-1) = 01(Islamabad-1) = 0114
Kidnapping(Okara-1) = 0101
Injured(Lahore-15, Lahore (Rang Mahal)-2, Gujar Khan-5, Kasur-1, kahna-1, Toba Tek Singh-1, Rawalpindi-1) = 26 (Mansehra-3, Lakki Marwat-2, Kohat-7, Peshawar-2, Mansehra-3, North Waziristan-4, Shangla-1, Lakki Marwat-9, Peshawar-2, Swabi-7) = 40(Karachi-2, Mirpur Khas-1, Sukkur-2) = 05(Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1, Islamabad-1) = 03(Quetta-8) = 0882
Total Crime2695220914 

Source: Media & National dailies


Late Nasir Khan Durrani

Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani, PSP, former Inspector General of Police, (17th March 1957 – 19th April 2021) passed away after a protracted battle with corona virus (19th April). He belonged to 10th Common Training Program (CTP) and rose to BS-22. He breathed his last in Mayo hospital Lahore. Mr. Durrani was a thorough gentleman and a professional police officer who introduced sweeping reforms in KPK as the Inspector General of Police. He also served as Chief of Special Branch, Punjab and made it active and effective. The Prime Minister and others expressed deep grief over his death.



LoC remained silent and not exchange of fire took place during the period under review. The Indian security forces, however, continued their fake anti-militancy drive in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) (23rd April).

Comments & Analysis: – Back door diplomacy has resulted in peace on the border. Further efforts are afoot to give permeance to peace. But it should not be at the cost of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin in a media briefing said that his country was committed to maintain peace and stability along the LAC (20th April).      

Comments & Analysis: – The situation remained calm in Ladakh alongside LAC where the Indian and Chinese troops continued their deployment in the forward posts, during the period under review.



  1. Afghan special forces claimed to have killed six Taliban, recovered heavy cache of weapons and 28 civilians from a Taliban prison during an operation in Mousa Qila District from a Taliban prison in Helmand Province (19th April).
  2. An army officer and his driver were killed in Arzan Qayamat area in Kabul while eight policemen were killed by Taliban in Zabal District in Badakhshan Province (19th April).
  3. Nine people were wounded in an IED blast aimed at targeting Afghan intelligence – NDS convoy at Shaheed roundabout, Chirashi Shahid on Airport road, Kabul (20th April).
  4. Five people were killed and three more were wounded by attackers in Dawlat Yar District of Ghor Province. A police official was killed and three more injured in Bahrain District of Parwan Province while a soldier was killed in Arzan Qemat area of Kabul (21st April).
  5. Afghan security forces prevented a suicide car bomb attack on a police base in Herat’s Ghurian District and defused two landmine explosions in the Qalay-I-Zal District of Kunduz Province (21st April).
  6. Eight Afghan security forces personnel were killed in clashes with Taliban in Balkh District in Stanikzai District of Balkh Province (22nd April).
  7. Afghan security forces claimed to have killed three Taliban and injuring four in Wazir Khan District of Paktika Province and killed 25 more and injured eight others during the clashes with them in Nad-e-Ali and Sangin Districts of Helmand Province (23rd April).
  8. Text Box: Special AnalysisSix persons including security officials including a lecturer were shot dead in separate incidents by unidentified persons in different areas of Kabul (24th April).

Special Analysis

Afghan Peace Process in Jeopardy

The Afghan peace conference scheduled to be held at Istanbul, Turkey w.e.f 24th April for ten days has been postponed sine die. It was announced by the Turkish Foreign Ministry through a joint statement saying that Turkey, Qatar and the UNO will continue efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan (21st April). The Foreign Ministers of Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan after a trilateral meeting held at Istanbul stated through a joint statement said that a sustainable peace can be achieved only through an inclusive Afghan-led and owned political process aimed at a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire alongwith political settlement to end the conflict in the country (23rd April).    

 It is learnt that one of the main reason behind the postponment of the conference was the non-participation of Taliban as a mark of their protest over Biden’s unilateral extension of the date of withdrawal of the US forces instead of 1st May, as concluded in US-Taliban Accord in Feb last year, to 9th September, 2021. The other reason was delayed invitation to some other invitees in Afghanistan. Taliban consider it utter violation of the agreement.

It is absolutely essential to bring about a rapprochement and understanding between the Taliban and the Afghan government before 9th September 2021. The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani is demonstrating stubbornness and wants to cling to power at any cost. Taliban are equally determined to continue with their struggle till the Ghani government is toppled after the withdrawal of the US/NATO forces.

The Commander of the Central Command of US forces in Middle East Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. also expressed his concern about the ability of Afghan security forces to hold territory after withdrawal of the foreign troops from the country. Gen. McKenzie, told the house Armed Services Committee that the command was going through “detailed planning” on what future operational plans and force laydowns could be after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan (on 20th April).

The Director CIA William Burns has also reportedly made an unannounced visit to Kabul recently aimed mounting concerns about Afghanistan’s capability to fight terrorism after withdrawal of US and NATO forces.

Both the parties, i.e., Taliban and Afghan Government, as well the US and NATO ought to understand that the situation is ominous and time is running out rapidly. A national interim government is the best solution to avoid violence after the US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan. US, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Turkey must play an active role to make this happen. Besides, it is strongly felt that track two diplomacy can be more useful and effective in this regard at this point in time.

Corona virus Crisis Update

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan was registered to be 45,469 from 19th April to 26th April, 2021 (Monday) after new infections were confirmed in the country.

The Province-wise breakup of the total 39015 confirmed cases, 6,981 active cases and total deaths 871 during this period is as follows:

ProvincesTotal Confirmed CasesTotal Active CasesTotal Deaths
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa7577393235
Islamabad Capital Territory337116028

Comments & Analysis: – The surge of coronavirus is getting stronger in Pakistan. The process of vaccination in Pakistan is the slowest in the region. Pakistan’s performance is one step above Afghanistan, ranked 10th out of 11 South Asian countries in vaccination drive against COVID-19. It must be stepped up to save lives.

Pakistan’s Security Barometer

Terrorism: TTP and its affiliates have increased their terrorist activities in tribal areas and some parts of KPK.

Threat Level: High – The threat level is high due to national, international and regional security environment. The intelligence agencies must keep the guards up and take pro-active pre-emptive measures.

Level of Sectarianism & Religious Extremism: Quite flared up. TLP’s violence and government’s acquiescence have paved the way for more religious extremism.

Border Situation:  Ceasefire at LoC. The Western border (Pak-Afghan), also largely remained calm.

Health Security: The third wave of Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll in Pakistan. Vaccination process is slow. Observation of social distancing and wearing masks are not upto mark.

Social Unrest: Rising; primarily due to exorbitant price hike and political unrest. The constant rise in electricity, petrol tariffs, medicines and inflation has impacted all segments of the society. Especially the salaried class and poor people are the worst sufferers.

Freedom of Press: Pakistan has dropped three places in the World Press Freedom Index (WPFI), since last year- 144th out of 180 countries in the world. 

Note: The Security Brief is based on open-source media reports


Direct and indirect impacts of terrorism pose serious operational and management challenges to Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) especially in Emerging Markets (EM). Emerging markets are popular destinations for MNEs because the developed markets are saturated. 

 Using real scenarios from seasoned managers and security managers of large MNEs, this volume explores the impacts of terrorism on them and offers strategies and solutions that can provide greater security to MNEs operating in areas afflicted with terrorism. 
This volume would be beneficial for managers, security managers, scholars and students.

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Pervez Ghauri is PhD from Uppsala University in Sweden where he also worked as Assistant and Associate professor. After moving to UK, he has been Professor at Manchester Business School and King’s College London. At present, he is Professor of International Business at the University of Birmingham. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Business Review (IBR) and has published more than 30 books and 100 journal articles.

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