Wagah Suicide Attack- JIT report expected tomorrow.

Wagah Suicide Attack- JIT report expected tomorrow.

The Punjab Government had constituted a Joint Investigation Team comprising reps from police, IB, ISI, Special Branch, CTD and Chenab Rangers to probe into the Wagah suicide attack in which 62 persons were killed on 2 Nov 2014. The team, Home Minister Punjab said, would submit its report within three days.

The Home Minister Col (r) Shuja Khanzada had disclosed that after receiving the intelligence report from the Federal Government the police and the Rangers were alerted.Consequently  two dozen more police personnel were deputed on the joint check-post.

It is worth mentioning that so far Junduallah, Jamaatul Ahraar and Mahar Mehsud group have claimed responsibility of the attack. Analysts believe that there are chances that these groups are backed by Islamic State (IS) led by Abu Bakr Baghdadi in Iraq. Jamaatul Ahraar has already pledged allegiance with IS. The footprints of IS are becoming visible in Pakistan for last few months.

It is a challenge for the intelligence agencies to carry out sustained efforts to unearth IS links and sleeper cells in Pakistan and neutralize them. However the investigators and sleuths should  keep in mind that AlQaeda is not dead in Pakistan and so is TTP.

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